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School Tour

Infrastructure And Facilities

Our School provides a remarkable infrastructure and supports the essence and philosophy of education. The facilities that we provide represent a place where a variety of modes are available for children to weave in and out of large and small groups and individual places of learning; a space where children feel a sense of belonging. Our trained teaching and support staff nurture a warm and comforting environment for the children to feel safe. A virtual tour shall help you to have an absolute understanding of our school.

In the light of Covid-19 pandemic, to protect the health, safety and well-being of everyone, the school is taking following measures:

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Classroom and Play Equipment

The school is equipped with learning materials that that enable the environment for skillful learning. This equipment along with the infrastructure create an open and inclusive space that reflect openness to learning. Children here have uninterrupted time to freely explore and test their working theories. It’s a place where their voice is heard and understood. Our campus is built on 15000 sq feet of land and is self-contained and as per the requirements of the specific age- group. It is a central hub for various activities like: