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Our Legacy

About Shri Mange Ram Goel

Born on 25thJune 1927, Shri Mange Ram Goel was the first child of Shri Pyare Lal and Smt. Ram Kali Devi. Shri Mange Ram Goel’s family owned a commodity business in Village, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh (Present- Ghaziabad).

Shri Mange Ram Goel spent most of his early years in the village. He had a modest beginning and in his early days, he worked in local kirana business, a brick kiln business and service at hismaternal uncle’s small business was his occupation.

Shri Mangey Ram Goel was given an endearing nickname, Lalaji, by people of the village. Everyone, whether elderly or the young, loved to address him as ‘Lalaji’.

Lalaji’s work ethic is admired to this day not only by his loved ones but also by people who never met him! Even people at his time would recognise him from his kind, mature and admirable behaviour, whether in personal relationship or business-related matters. Being a man of principles, Lalaji always encouraged conducting business on fair terms. Though Lalaji spent considerable time in his job, he was a social worker at heart. Smt. Krishna Devi, his wife, always stood by him in his noble vision of creating social change through active groundwork.

"Be the source of Knowledge."

Shri Mange Ram's vision driving social change revolved primarily around education. He was for a firm view that education is the most critical factor for development – whether social or personal. He believed, preached and practised that education is a cure for all social illnesses, whether they werecaste-based discrimination, gender-based discrimination or oppression on the poor.. Born in a society where going to school was a rare phenomena, Lalaji was a part of handful of people who went to school and qualified intermediate.

Being an active member of the Village Panchayat, Lalaji actively worked for promoting education for women in his village. Unlike many others in the village, however, Lalaji walked the talk. Two of his daughters were a very few graduate women in society. The other two daughters qualified intermediate - an unimaginable feat for the common village women at that time and place.

Lalaji didn't stop there; he relentlessly worked for the establishment of a Dharamshala (Kanya Pathshala) at a time when there were nocoeducational schools in the village. Quite naturally, promoting education for women at that time meant going against societal norms. However, Lalaji with an iron heart had no intentions of giving up and he was resolute in his beliefs and actions.

Being a person gifted with sound intellect, Shri Mange Ram was a visionary and his thinking was ahead of his times. Along with stressing upon the importance of education, he was ardent on teaching traditional and cultural values to the impressionable minds. He realised that the true essence of education meant overall development of one's character andbeliefs.

As a tribute to honour Lalaji and follow the vision he created for the society, MRG Group was established in1985.

To this day, the MRG group has stressed upon creating social change through contributing education and awareness. Influenced by his father's character, vision and noble ideas, Mr Devender Kumar, Lalaji's son followed a similar path. Mr Devender Kumar is involved in various social and charitable initiatives and orgnaizations. Among others responsibilities, he discharges his responsibility of being is a trustee in several schools including the Ekal Vidyalaya.

Lala Mange Ram's life is one of vision, unwavering faith, social change, hard work and perseverance. Working towards educating the society, instead of only preaching about it is what made him an inspirational person way ahead of his times.

The values of MRG School are inspired by Lalaji’s life and contributions to the society:

  • Courage
  • Empathy
  • Excellence
  • Integrity

Lalaji’s character, vision, values, and actions will guide the generations to come to make a positive social change and make the world a better place to live.